High Quality Supply.

Ensure your guests get the best experience possible without having to worry about running out.

Reliant BevGas truck filling Great Wolf Lodge with High quality beverage grade Co2.
Beverage CO2

Give your guests the right flavors every time.

Reliant BevCarbs' bulk CO2 beverage carbonation systems save you money and service delays. With upto 750lbs of onsite storage and wireless monitored tanks, you will never have to worry about running out of tasty beverages for your guests.

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Custom Beverage CO2 Solutions
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Wireless Telemetry
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On-time Delivery
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Ph Control with CO2

Ensure your swimmers’ comfort and safety.

CO2 is the safest, most reliable alternative to using muriatic acid to balance the pH level of your chlorinated water. Maintaining the desired pH level of your water is critical to ensure swimmers' comfort and safety—and it's also important for preventing corrosion and scaling of pipes, pumps, and other equipment. CO2 replaces acid and is regulated by your automatic control system. It provides several benefits to your operation:

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Safer Than Acid
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Improves Water Clarity
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More Efficient Filtration
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pH Control

We offer on-site CO2 storage, remote monitoring, and always on-time delivery, ensuring that pool operators can effectively manage pH levels at all times.

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pH Control with CO2

Give your guests a better, safer swimming experience with CO2. Carbon dioxide is a safer alternative to mineral acids, and it's an effective chemical for lowering the pH of various kinds of alkaline waters. It's also self-buffering, so you don't have to worry about monitoring your pH levels or changing out your acid every few hours.

If you're looking for a way to replace mineral acids and lower your system maintenance cost? It's time to switch to CO2!

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On-site Bulk CO2

Reliant eliminates the hassle of ordering CO2 and changing out high pressure cylinders by automatically refilling your system based upon your CO2 usage patterns.

We offer several different sizes of BevGas Systems with up to 750 lbs. of on-site CO2 storage capacity. We'll customize a beverage gas solution for you, and provide the appropriate sized storage tank based on your estimated usage.

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Wireless Monitoring

You don’t want to run out of CO2 on a busy Saturday night, and we don’t either. With our new CO2 telemetry system, you can rest easy knowing your tank is always full and ready to go!

The device wirelessly transmits the tank level to Reliant via the cellular network, so you never need to worry about placing a reorder, or running out of CO2 again! Plus, with our Reliant App, you can remotely view your CO2 tank’s level and receive level notifications from anywhere—right on your smartphone.

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